Pet Cemetery Services Rush NY

We are a Pet Funeral Home offering Pet Crematory Services & a Pet Cemetery in Rush NY since 1979! Call 585-533-1685

Pet CemeteryPet Cemetery

The pet cemetery at Rush Inter Pet, Inc., in Rush, NY, has been called “One of the most beautiful properties” in Monroe County. We are committed to keeping our cemetery beautiful. We take pride in the maintenance which makes it a peaceful place to visit your beloved pets.

Pet Crematory

At Rush Inter Pet, Inc., we understand the bond that you have with your pet and what you are going through with the loss. We offer two state-of-the-art pet crematories. Our crematory services are exemplary. Pets are always handled carefully and are separated from each other during the process of individual cremation. You may wish to attend a private cremation by appointment.Pet Funeral Home

Pet Funeral Home

Rush Inter Pet, Inc. also has a pet funeral home where you can provide your beloved pet a funeral service, memorial service, or viewing.  Our funeral home offers a warm and inviting place for you and your family to gather and remember your beloved pet. We provide all of our services with compassion and care.

UrnsPet Urn

Rush Inter Pet, Inc. offers a wide variety of pet urns that come in all shapes and sizes. From ceramic and wood to pewter and marble, we offer many different styles! For pricing and more information, visit


Rush Inter Pet, Inc. also offers a wide range of size and style of pet caskets. We will assist you in determining the best casket for your beloved pet no matter what size. Call us today for more information.

Memorial HeadstonesPet Memorial

We also offer memorial headstones for your pet for use at home, or for burials in the pet cemetery.  From whimsical to sweet – we can add any message you may want on the stone, as well as a picture of your beloved pet.

Horse Interments

We offer individual burial in our pet cemetery or a much simpler burial in another area. Call for information or visit our full website.